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How Brand Stores on Amazon Can Boost Your Sales

How Brand Stores on Amazon Can Boost Your Sales

Amazon has become one of the biggest retail platforms in the world, offering sellers an opportunity to reach hundreds of millions of customers. However, as a third-party seller, it can be difficult to stand out from the competition and build trust with buyers. This is where brand stores on Amazon can help increase your visibility, credibility, and ultimately sales.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore the benefits of establishing an official brand storefront on Amazon and how it can help drive more revenue for your business. Let’s begin!

What is an Amazon Brand Store?

An Amazon Brand Store is a customised online storefront dedicated to showcasing your products and building your brand on the Amazon marketplace. It allows you to take control of your product listings and packaging so you can provide a consistent and professional shopping experience for customers.

Some key features of an Amazon Brand Store include:

  • A unique URL and design theme matching your brand
  • Ability to group all your product listings together
  • Customisable product pages and descriptions
  • Opportunities to showcase brand features, values, and story
  • Special branding widgets for things like logo, videos, and contact information
  • Analytics on store and product performance

By establishing an Amazon Brand Store, buyers will instantly recognise you as the authentic source for your products rather than just another third-party seller. This boosts confidence and increases conversion rates.

Increased Visibility and Search Rankings

One major advantage of an Amazon Brand Store is higher visibility in search results. When customers search for your product categories, having a dedicated storefront means your listings will be easier for Amazon’s algorithms to associate with your brand.

This can lead to better overall search rankings compared to individual third-party listings. Buyers will see your products nearer the top of “Best Matches,” and sponsored advertising may also be more effective at driving traffic to your store pages.

Building Trust and Authority

Having an official brand presence allows you to take control of the messaging and establish authority as an expert in your product space. Customers will perceive your store as the approved retailer for your goods rather than an anonymous marketplace seller.

You can share more robust product information, customer reviews, and brand story elements to help shoppers feel confident they are getting the real thing. Over time, this repeated exposure helps solidify your brand identity and signals that you are a reputable seller worth purchasing from on Amazon.

Increased Conversion Rates

With higher visibility and perceived trustworthiness, conversion rates within your Amazon Brand Store have the potential to improve significantly. Customers may feel more at ease making impulse purchases directly from your storefront compared to individual listings alone.

Features like professionally designed product pages and merchandising opportunities allow you to fine-tune the shopping experience and make it easier for visitors to learn about and add items to their carts. Things like one-click checkout can further streamline the path to purchase completion.

All of this makes establishing brand trust and converting browsers into buyers much more achievable with an official Amazon storefront representing your company.

It’s Free to Start

While some advanced store features, like customised URLs, require a monthly subscription, the basic Amazon Brand Store is free to set up and maintain. As long as you already have a professional Amazon Seller Central account in good standing with a track record of positive customer service, you qualify to get started.

This means there is very little risk to try building out your store presence and seeing how it affects key metrics like visibility, customer satisfaction scores, and overall unit sales over time. Some brands have reported sales increases upwards of 30% after launching their stores, so the potential upside is well worth a free test run.

Don’t Delay: [Start Your Brand Store Today]( (!

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Case Study: How Bentgo Increased Sales With Their Brand Store

Let’s look at one real-world example of how an Amazon Brand Store helped drive substantial growth. Bentgo is a company that makes sustainable, BPA-free child and adult bento lunch boxes. They were already an established third-party seller on Amazon but wanted to strengthen their brand presence.

After launching their official Bentgo Amazon Brand Store in 2018, they saw immediate results. Higher search visibility led to a 17% boost in organic traffic to their product listings within the first month alone. Conversion rates also jumped by over 25% as shoppers felt more confident purchasing directly from the brand source.

Within the first year, Bentgo’s unit sales on Amazon grew by an impressive 33% year-over-year thanks to their branded storefront. They also received overwhelmingly positive customer feedback about the curated shopping experience. Overall, it was a highly successful strategy for raising brand awareness and driving more revenue through the powerful Amazon marketplace.

Key Takeaways

To summarise, establishing an Amazon Brand Store provides numerous advantages for boosting product discoverability, customer trust, and ultimately sales.

  • Increased search visibility and ranking potential
  • Ability to strengthen brand identity and authority
  • higher conversion rate for store-based shopping experience
  • Free to start with significant upside potential
  • Real examples show 20–30%+ sales gains are achievable

For established Amazon sellers, creating an official brand store is a no-brainer strategy with essentially no downside. Take control of your Amazon presence today at!


Q: How much does an Amazon Brand Store cost?

A: The basic Amazon Brand Store setup is completely free. Some premium features, like customised domain URLs, have additional monthly subscription fees ranging from $29 to $99, depending on the plan. But the core functionality does not require any upfront or ongoing costs.

Q: What type of products are best suited for an Amazon Brand Store?

A: Any brand selling multiple SKUs or product variations typically sees the most benefit from an organised storefront. Categories like apparel, electronics, home goods, toys, and consumer packaged goods tend to perform very well. As long as you have a catalogue of related listings, a store can help provide a consistent shopping experience.

Q: How long does it take for my store to launch?

A: The review and approval process usually takes 1-2 business days once you submit your store application. Amazon aims to activate new stores quickly so sellers can start seeing results. The setup itself only requires basic information and can often be completed within an hour or less.

Q: Can I link to my website to drive additional traffic?

Yes, Amazon Brand Stores provide options to include external links on your store pages. You are allowed to link to your own website or social profiles to encourage further engagement with your brand beyond Amazon. Just be sure any outbound links comply with Amazon’s content and advertising guidelines.

Q: What if my sales decrease after launching a store—can I remove it?

A: Absolutely. Amazon Brand Stores are completely optional and reversible if needed. You have full control over your participation. If launching a store does not improve your key metrics after a reasonable test period, you can simply request to close it without any penalties. Amazon wants sellers to feel empowered to try new strategies.


In summary, establishing an Amazon Brand Store is a low-risk strategy with significant upside potential for growing your sales and strengthening customers’ trust in your products. The success stories of brands like Bentgo demonstrate how impactful this free channel can be for increasing discoverability, conversion rates, and revenue through the world’s largest online marketplace.

It provides a centralised, curated landing page to showcase your offerings while giving shoppers peace of mind that they are buying directly from an authentic source. For sellers ready to take the next step in their Amazon presence, creating an official brand store is a no-brainer first move. Get started at today!

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