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Amazon Updates Logo Requirements for Sponsored Brands: A Complete Guide

Amazon Updates Logo Requirements for Sponsored Brands: A Complete Guide

If you sell products on Amazon, then Sponsored Brands ads are likely an important part of your marketing strategy. These ads allow brands to promote themselves and their products directly to customers. However, Amazon recently updated their logo requirements for Sponsored Brands ads, effective August 31, 2021.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain Amazon’s new Sponsored Brands logo policy in detail. We’ll outline the specific logo guidelines that brands must follow. We’ll also discuss how existing campaigns will be impacted and provide tips for staying compliant. By the end, you’ll have a thorough understanding of this important Amazon advertising change.

Let’s get started!

Amazon’s New Sponsored Brands Logo Requirements

Amazon now requires all Sponsored Brands ads to prominently display the advertiser’s unique company logo. According to their official policy page:

  • The logo must fill the entire creative space or be placed on a plain white or transparent background.
  • It needs to accurately reflect the brand or product being promoted.
  • Logos cannot feature complex graphical backgrounds, text elements, or multiple logos combined.
  • Product images, ASINs, custom images, or lifestyle photos do not qualify as a logo.

So in short, each Sponsored Brands ad creative must now have a single, true company brand logo that meets Amazon’s branding and content guidelines. Anything else risks pausing or rejecting the campaign.

Impact on Existing Campaigns

Amazon’s new logo rules not only affect new Sponsored Brands ads; they also impact campaigns already running on the platform. Any existing creatives without a suitable logo will be automatically paused starting February 28, 2022.

This is an important deadline for brands. If your current ads don’t feature a logo meeting Amazon’s standards, they could stop running without warning two months from now. Make sure to audit all Sponsored Brands creatives and update any lacking a proper logo ASAP.

Brands without a logo design also need to act quickly. Developing a new logo takes time, so start the process immediately if you want compliant ads after February. Agencies like BrandBucket can help with quick, affordable logo design.

Tips for Staying Compliant

To avoid disruptions to your Amazon advertising, follow these tips for staying compliant with the new Sponsored Brands logo rules:

  • Audit all creatives now. Check each ad and make sure it features your brand’s main logo prominently.
  • Update any non-compliant ads. Replace product shots, text-only designs, or multi-logo combinations with your single brand mark.
  • Design a logo if needed. Work with a professional designer to create a logo reflecting your brand identity.
  • Stick to the standards. Only use your logo on a plain white or transparent background without other elements overshadowing it.
  • Be prepared. Have compliant logo-featuring designs ready to replace paused creatives after February 28th.

Proactive management is key to a smooth transition. Stay ahead of the deadline by ensuring all current and future sponsored brand ads meet Amazon’s updated logo placement criteria.

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Developing an Effective Sponsored Brands Logo

With the importance of including your logo prominently in Sponsored Brands ads, it’s worth discussing how to develop an effective design. Here are some tips:

  • Keep it simple. Avoid overly complex or text-heavy logos that may not scale down well on small device screens.
  • Use distinguishing colors. Incorporate your brand’s signature colors into the logo for high recognition. But ensure it looks clear in one color, like black or white, if needed.
  • Focus on your brand name. The most identifying element is often your business or product name. Make sure it’s prominently featured in the logo design.
  • Check logo generator sites. Services like LogoMakr allow quick, affordable logo creation if you lack design skills. Just be mindful of quality.
  • Test different concepts. Get feedback from customers or a design professional before finalizing your logo. Test multiple concepts to find the most identifying and memorable option.

Developing an effective logo takes some trial and error. But it’s important to have a professional, compliant design ready for your Sponsored Brands ads.

FAQs about Amazon’s Logo Requirements

Here are some frequently asked questions about Amazon’s updated Sponsored Brands logo policy:

Q: Do logo requirements apply to all Amazon advertising?

A: No, the new rules specifically reference Sponsored Brands image ads. Other ad formats, like Sponsored Products or Amazon DSP, may have separate guidelines.

Q: Can product images still be used alongside the logo?

A: Amazon allows product shots or lifestyle images as secondary creative elements, but the logo must still be the main single focus according to their policy.

Q: What if my brand doesn’t have a unique logo yet?

A: Brands without a logo should work with a designer promptly. Services like Placeit allow creating basic logo mockups in hours to stay compliant.

Q: How will Amazon enforce the new rules?

A: Existing non-compliant creatives will be paused automatically on February 28th. New ads violating the policy may be rejected at launch. Strict enforcement helps preserve Amazon ad quality.

Q: Can I appeal if an ad is paused for not including my logo?

A: Amazon’s policy does not provide exceptions, so paused ads cannot be reinstated without updating the creative to prominently feature your approved brand logo.

Q: What logo file formats are supported?

A: Amazon accepts common graphic formats like JPEG, PNG, and GIF for sponsored brand logos. Just ensure it meets their content, size, and technical ad upload specifications.

I hope this FAQ section addresses some additional questions! Reach out if you have anything else.

Key Takeaways

To summarize Amazon’s updated Sponsored Brands logo requirements:

  • All ads must now prominently display your unique brand logo
  • Logos cannot be combined or feature text/complex elements
  • Existing creatives lacking a logo face automatic pausing on Feb 28
  • Develop a compliant logo ASAP if your brand doesn’t have one
  • Regularly audit ads and make logo-featuring updates by deadline
  • logo should be memorable and scale well for mobile impressions

Following these guidelines ensures your Amazon advertising stays active and compliant with their new policies. Let me know if any part of the guide needs further explanation!

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