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A Comprehensive Guide to Buy on Google Open and Commission-Free

A Comprehensive Guide to Buy on Google Open and Commission-Free

Google’s Buy on Google programme aims to streamline the online shopping experience for consumers. In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore how Buy on Google works, its benefits for shoppers and merchants, and tips for getting set up.

How Does buying on Google Work?

Using Buy on Google is simple for shoppers. When searching for products in Google Shopping, an option to “Buy on Google” will appear alongside regular search results. Clicking this button brings up a checkout page right within Google, where payment and shipping details can be entered to complete the purchase.

For merchants, setting up is also straightforward through Google Merchant Centre. Key steps involve creating an account, detailing your business and products, selecting a supported payment provider like PayPal, and opting into Buy on Google. Once approved, your products will appear as purchase options for relevant searches.

Google aims to provide a seamless shopping experience end-to-end without the need to leave their platform. Time will tell if customers embrace this one-click purchasing method.

Benefits for Shoppers

Some key benefits Buy on Google provides for shoppers include:

  • Simplified purchasing. No need to visit individual websites; just search, click “Buy,” and checkout all in one place.
  • Trustworthy results. As an established search leader, Google’s algorithms aim to surface the most relevant, high-quality products first to avoid issues like counterfeits found on other marketplaces.
  • One-stop shopping. Browse a wide range of options from various sellers comparable across categories in a single search.
  • Familiar interface. The Google shopping interface will feel natural to the millions of people accustomed to using it for regular searches.
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Benefits for Merchants

Merchants also gain advantages through Buy on Google:

  • Commission-free selling. Unlike marketplaces like Amazon, Google currently does not take any percentage of sales, allowing merchants to keep 100% of profits.
  • Access to Google’s audience. Integrating with other Google tools like Shopping ads lets merchants tap into Google’s massive user base to reach new potential customers.
  • Level playing field. Buy on Google aims to objectively rank listings that are most relevant to search queries rather than favouring large sellers.
  • Free to list products. It costs nothing for merchants to include their products in Google Shopping search results and on Buy on Google.

Tips for Merchants

Here are some tips for merchants looking to succeed with Buy on Google:

  • Optimise product listings. Include high-quality images, thorough descriptions with target keywords, complete specs, etc. Poor or lacking content can hurt discoverability.
  • Claim and complete your Google Merchant Centre account. Be sure to fully set up your business profile, tax settings, payment providers, and more for a smooth shopping experience.
  • Consider Google Shopping ads. Running targeted Shopping campaigns alongside your organic listings can help boost visibility and drive more sales from interested shoppers.
  • Offer exemplary customer support. Buyers will form opinions of your brand based on the post-purchase experience, so respond quickly to messages and resolve issues seamlessly.
  • Participate in new Google Merchant features. Keep an eye out for optional programme enhancements like product promotion feeds that can differentiate your offerings.

Key Takeaways

To summarise, the main points to remember about buying on Google include:

  • It provides a simple, one-click shopping experience directly within Google searches.
  • Both customers and merchants can benefit from the convenience and wide reach.
  • Setting up as a merchant is a straightforward process through the Google Merchant Centre.
  • Proper optimisation, onboarding, and support are keys to success on the platform.
  • Google’s goal is to be a trusted marketplace without commissions for sellers.

In the coming years, Buy on Google has the potential to become a major force in online retail. With its massive user base already acquainted with Google services, streamlined shopping flow, and commission-free model, it could attract both customers and third-party merchants. Only time will tell how large a slice of the growing e-commerce pie it can gain.


Here are some frequently asked questions about buying on Google:

Q: What payment providers are currently supported?
At launch, only PayPal and Shopify Payments integration is available for merchants.

Q: Is there a cost to listing products on Buy on Google?
No, listing products through Google Merchant Centre is free for merchants. Google does not currently charge any listing or transaction fees.

Q: Can international sellers participate?
A: Buy on Google is currently only open to merchants in the United States. International expansion plans have not been announced.

Q: How do I improve my product’s visibility in search results?
A: In addition to optimising your listings, running targeted Google Shopping campaigns can help drive more clicks and purchases from interested shoppers.

Q: What kind of customer support should merchants provide?
A: Buyers will judge the brand experience based on post-purchase support. Merchants should respond quickly to questions and resolve any issues seamlessly to build trust.

Q: How do returns and refunds work for Buy on Google purchases?
Merchants are responsible for handling returns according to their individual policies, like on other marketplaces. Google aims to clearly display each seller’s return terms upfront.

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