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What are UGC links?

Google recently announced that they’d be introducing two new link types: Rel=”sponsored” and Rel=”ugc.” 

These will be the first attributes introduced since nofollow which surfaced over 15 years ago now. Naturally, this is a hot topic for Webmasters and link builders. So, what is the update? What’s on a need-to-know basis? And more importantly, how will Google’s link update affect the way you build links to your website?

We’ll explore below.

Google’s Link Update: What You Need to Know

In case you missed this update, the two new link types will help Google to identify how certain links have been acquired.


Rel="sponsored" link type on Google

For example, if you’ve paid for a link (or if you have been paid for a link), Webmasters should now mark that link as sponsored through the link attribute. Using Rel=”sponsored”.


Rel="ugc" link type on Google

And as for the other link type, if you build links through user-generated content, or if you have a forum on your site where the content is user generated you’ll be expected to mark all relevant links as Rel=”ugc”.

Rel=”nofollow sponsored”

Rel="nofollow sponsored" link type on Google

The two existing link types followed and Rel=”nofollow” still exist. And if you want to mark a link as sponsored and nofollow, you’ll be able to do this too using: Rel=”nofollow sponsored”.


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