MOZ DA50+ from Expired Domains



Get to have an amazing DA50+ for your website.

Done from a 10+ years Old domain ( 0% spam score ) safe to get the DA50+ from.


Many people have heard or read of the practice of buying expired domains, but not many fully understand what the benefits of doing so are and how to go about it.

Although it has many benefits, you must do the necessary research before you purchase an expired domain, as there are many things to consider.

10+ years old domains with high DA values worth at least 1000-2000 usd each.

So, let us do all this work for you and find a rare and old domain for you to use in this campaign.

The plan includes:

  • Research for old and rare DA 50+ domain
  • setting up proper 301 redirect towards your own domain
  • Host of the domain and DNS for 1 year


  • 0% spamscore domain
  • Safest way to increase your DA without affecting your ranks negatively in any way
  • The Benefits of having a high DA, for ranks and sales


  • Yearly Subscription, 50 usd per year. As we need to renew the domain


It takes 30 to 60 days to finish our research and complete this plan

You`ll be notified via email upon service completion


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