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Google News Listing



Getting approved on Google news increases your website ranking and site authority. Once you get approved, you will start getting free high-quality backlinks from sites linking to your content. We will take the responsibility of making your website adhere to the guidelines of the new publisher center.

We offer unlimited revisions until the site is approved

Benefits of being featured on Google news.

  • Targeted Traffic
  • Increase in Authority
  • Massive traffic when you have something exclusive
  • Quick Google search Indexing (Post are indexed in as little as 3 mins after publishing)
  • Your website will start generating revenue


Being approved on Google News makes you a permanent contributor to the platform, increases your chances of being featured on the Google search’s News tab, and gets you SEO dofollow backlinks for better website rankings.

What do we need to get this done?

  • create a new gmail account on which we`ll need credentials
  • website access
  • we will need to set up search console on the new gmail account for your website, among other things we`ll take care of.


Note: ecommerce, gambling, adult websites will not get approved. You need to have a blog in order to make this approved


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