Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Ad Management with IPS

Facebook advertising is a powerful tool for growing your business. Done right, paid ads on Facebook can drive qualified leads and conversions at an affordable cost.

However, managing Facebook ads effectively requires expertise, time, and testing. That’s where an experienced agency like IPS can help. This guide will explore what IPS offers for Facebook ad management, from setup to optimization.

Facebook Ad Formats with IPS

IPS supports a variety of Facebook ad formats to help you engage and convert audiences. Some key ones include:

Video Ads

Video dynamically captures attention.IPS can create professional videos for your ads from scratch.

Image Ads

High-quality images build brand recognition and direct people to your website or app.

Carousel Ads

Showcase multiple images, videos or offers with individual clickthroughs in a single ad.

Lead Ads

Generate qualified leads directly from Facebook. IPS handles prepopulating forms with user info.

Offer Ads

Promote time-sensitive deals and discounts to boost promotions.

Engagement and Page Likes Ads

Boost engagement for existing posts or grow your fan base on Facebook.

See Facebook’s specs for each format’s optimal dimensions, file sizes and character limits. IPS ensures your ads meet requirements for best delivery.

Facebook Ad Management

Targeted Persona Discovery

Researching your ideal customer persona is key. IPS performs in-depth analysis to deeply understand who will most engage with and purchase from your business. This includes demographics, interests, behaviors and pain points.

Keyword Research & Discovery

IPS identifies the most relevant keywords and phrases for your products/services. They incorporate these keywords naturally into ad creatives and landing pages for increased relevance.

Professional Ad Creation

With persona insights in hand, IPS designs compelling ad creatives tailored for each format and objective. Examples may include logo, branded images and templates. Videos are storyboarded, scripted and produced.

Precise Audience Targeting

IPS leverages their persona discovery to precisely target your ads. They segment audiences by location, interests, demographics, behaviors and other factors for high relevance. This improves ad delivery to qualified potential customers.

Optimized Landing Pages

High-converting landing pages are critical for getting leads or sales from ads. IPS develops landing pages specific to each campaign, incorporating relevant keywords and calls-to-action tailored for each audience.

Conversion Tracking and Analysis

Proper tracking is set up to measure ad performance across clicks, impressions, reach and most importantly – conversions. IPS analyzes data to identify top-performing combinations of ads, audiences and creative elements.

Ongoing Campaign Management

IPS monitors campaigns daily, improving items that drive conversions while pausing those that don’t. Optimization continues until the most cost-effective strategies emerge. Tactics like budget adjustments and new ad testing are implemented based on results.

Performance Reporting

Monthly reports analyze key metrics like media spend, clicks, views, engagements and critically – cost per conversion (ROI).IPS ensures you understand campaign impact on your business KPIs. Transparency is a top priority.

Additional Services

For a holistic approach, IPS also provides complimentary services like SEO, PPC, web design, content marketing and more. You benefit from their full-funnel digital marketing expertise.

Does this help explain how IPS end-to-end Facebook ad management process works? Feel free to contact them to discuss your specific goals and get started.

Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Ad Management with IPS

Key Takeaways

To summarize, some top things to remember about IPS Facebook ad management include:

  • Leveraging multiple ad formats tailored to your goals like Videos, Images and Leads
  • In-depth persona research for highly relevant targeting
  • Professional creative design and production
  • Keyword implementation throughout ads and pages
  • Optimized landing pages for conversions
  • Data-driven optimization, testing and reporting
  • Ongoing management for best performance
  • Integration with other services for full-funnel results

With IPS full-service approach, you gain the guidance of experienced digital marketing experts without needing an in-house team. They ensure your Facebook campaigns are set up for success from day one.


Q: How long do campaigns usually run?

A: Most initial testing campaigns last 1-3 months to fully optimize. Long-term campaigns typically run 6-12 months at a time with periodic adjustments.

Q: Is managing multiple campaigns more costly?

A: While costs do scale somewhat with volume, IPS offers volume discounts for additional campaigns. You also gain efficiencies with their dedicated account support.

Q: What is the minimum budget needed?

A: Budgets start at $500/month but allocating $1,000-$2,000 monthly usually provides enough data for effective testing and optimization. IPS proven strategies work with any budget.

Q: How often will I receive performance reports?

A: Detailed monthly reports are provided around the 15th of each month. Ongoing optimizations and budget recommendations may also be shared more frequently as needed.

Q: Can I cancel at any time?

A: Yes, IPS understands flexibility is important. Most clients commit to 3-6 month initial terms but can cancel with 30 days written notice thereafter. No long-term contracts required.

Q: How quickly do campaigns usually start producing leads?

A: Properly optimized campaigns usually begin generating qualified leads within 4-8 weeks on average. More complex objectives may take 2-3 months. IPS expertise helps accelerate these timelines.

I hope this comprehensive guide has provided valuable insights into how IPS can efficiently manage your Facebook advertising through their full-service approach. Please let me know if any other questions come up!