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Understanding Google's Latest Updates to Mobile Shopping 

Understanding Google’s Latest Updates to Mobile Shopping

Mobile shopping continues to gain prominence, making up over half of all e-ommerce transactions. As such, Google regularly updates its algorithms and ad formats to better serve mobile shoppers. This comprehensive guide will outline Google’s recent changes, how they impact sellers, and tips for maximizing success.

Showcase Shopping Ads

In 2022, Google enhanced its Showcase Shopping Ads format to boost visibility for multi-item product listings on mobile. Showcase Shopping Ads allow merchants to display several related products together in a visually appealing grid.

This format works well for broad search terms like “table lamps,” where individual product ads may not be relevant. Shoppers can scroll through multiple options without leaving the search results page.

To take advantage of Showcase Shopping Ads, ensure your Google Merchant Center product feed is up-to-date and contains sufficient metadata like descriptions, titles, images, and attributes to group related items. Test different product combinations to find the most engaging selections.

YouTube’s TrueView Shopping Ads

According to Google, almost half of US shoppers use YouTube monthly to research purchases. TrueView Shopping Ads allow placing buy buttons directly on YouTube videos.

Two new TrueView features allow merchants to enhance branding:

  • Companion banner: An interactive sidebar next to videos for scrolling through products. It syncs scrolling with the video playback.
  • Product picker: Control which products are prioritized as clickable cards within TrueView campaigns.

To engage mobile viewers, create compelling video content showcasing your products. Then, optimize TrueView campaigns using the companion banner and product picker. This helps guide interested viewers directly to the right purchasing options.

PLAs on Mobile Phones

Google updated its Product Listing Ads (PLAs) in 2022 to better suit small screens. Sellers can now include a third image and expand text descriptions, giving shoppers more context before clicking the ad.

Mobile optimization is key, as over 55% of Google searches now occur on phones. Make sure your PLAs showcase high-resolution images that are appropriately sized for various devices. Stick to concise yet compelling headlines and descriptions. Well-optimized PLAs boost click-through and conversion rates.

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Key Takeaways

To summarize, here are some critical tips for capitalizing on Google’s mobile shopping updates:

  • Leverage new ad formats, like Showcase Shopping Ads to boost multi-item product visibility.
  • Promote your products on YouTube using TrueView’s companion banners and product picker features.
  • Optimize PLAs for small screens with three high-quality images and succinct yet persuasive copy.
  • Maintain fresh and accurate product feeds in your Google Merchant Center.
  • Test different strategies to find the highest-performing mobile experiences for your buyers.


Q: How do I create compelling video content for TrueView?

A: Consider recording short, to-the-point videos showcasing your products in use. Unsplash has free stock video clips you can incorporate. Focus on benefits rather than features to engage viewers.

Q: What image sizes work best for PLAs on mobile?

A: According to Google, images sized at 260×260, 650×460, and 1050×710 pixels typically display well across devices without needing resizing. Upload the largest dimensions your image quality allows.

Q: How often should I update my product feed?

A: Most experts recommend updating your feed weekly at minimum to ensure fresh, accurate data. Around holidays or for major sales, updating daily can boost visibility.

Q: Can I use Showcase shopping ads for just one product?

While showcase ads are intended for multiple related items, you can technically create a grid with a single product duplicated. However, this format may not perform as well as a standard single-item PLA for searches aimed at a solitary product.

Q: How do I measure the results of my mobile shopping campaigns?

A: Analyze metrics like click-through rate, average position, cost-per-click, and especially mobile conversion rates over time in Google Ads. Tools like Google Analytics and tagging also provide insight into on-site engagement and purchases from mobile.


By leveraging new targeted formats, thoughtful video ads, optimized product listings, and frequent data refreshes, sellers stand to gain from Google’s evolving efforts to enhance the mobile shopping experience. Staying up-to-date on algorithms and testing innovative strategies will help maximize visibility and sales from the growing base of consumers browsing on their phones.

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